Petlookup – Microchip Database

Your Online Database for Pet Identification Petlookup is an online database which stores information about pets and their owners. All information is linked to the unique electronic ID of our ICAR approved microchips. The Petlookup database allows for people to search and locate animals which belong to this unique ID. Once the Vet has found the profile of the pet, they are able to make contact with the pet owner. Vaccination and medical information about the pet can also be viewed.

Free Database
Clients receive a Free, easy to use database called Petlookup, backed by excellent service from our friendly staff.

  • Register: Dogs, Cats, Horses, etc.
  • Web Based – can be accessed anywhere
  • Vaccination records
  • Search function for lost & found animals
  • Auto Reminder function for both Vet & Pet owners
  • Upload pictures of the animals for unique & easy identification
  • Full system training provided to your staff