The portable ISO RFID reader APR500 offers an alphanumeric keypada graphical displaya large memory and great connectivity in a very robust and ergonomic iP64 housing. With USBRS232 and Bluetooth as standard interfaces and the optional GPRS or Wi-Fi modules the APR500 offers state of the art connectivity. The APR500 comes with some useful new functions: SCALE Mode for the collection of weighing data from major brands of scales – SPEED Mode for continuous reading and data collection – RACE Mode for fast race reading in combination with the ASR static readers – TASK Mode for the simple creation of complex tasks for data collection.Modernize your Sheep & Cattle management record keeping. The APR500 is an excellent choice for breedersespecially stud sheep and beef farmers, as it could be used as a reference tool as well with its integrated database.


  • Quickeasy and accurate recording
  • Transfer your records via USB or Bluetooth
  • Process tasks such as mating, animal registration or pregnancy status fully integrated with BenguFarm Sheep & Goat
  • Integrated Database
  • Made in Germany


The APR500 is packaged by default with its database management program developed by RFID Experts Africa, called DB500.The APR500 is also integrated with Bengufarm Sheep to make data collection a breeze. There is also a software package available for Dairy farmers, milking in herringbone or swing-over dairies, named MilkMaster